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If you're seeking to CULTIVATE RESILIENCY, CONQUER CHAOS, and PROMOTE WELLBEING, you've come to the right place.

Ann Peck is an engaging and humorous keynote speaker and consultant who has entertained, educated, and inspired more than 1,200 audiences around the world during the past 25+ years.

With a dynamic speaking style that combines a charismatic and empathetic personality with holistic communication and emotional intelligence, Ann is the go-to expert on preventing personal trauma from becoming workplace drama.

 Ann works with organizations that want to empower their employees to thrive personally and professionally so they can DRIVE THE BOTTOM LINE FORWARD.


  1. Inspire loyalty and build trust among stakeholders
  2. Skyrocket sales leads and closed deals
  3. Elevate engagement and confidence
  4. Reduce absenteeism and healthcare costs
  5. Enhance communication and increase productivity
  6. Improve service to clients and customers
  7. Strengthen leadership resilience
  8. Alleviate stress and turnover
  9. Boost performance and accountability
  10. Embrace change and flexibility


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  • Ann wrote an eye-opening book that leaves you speechless and shameless in the face of your own past traumas. Each chapter offers an opportunity to work through your history and heal yourself with Ann by your side.
    Lisa Van Ahn — Founder, I AM Initiative
  • When women see the pain, fright or even the happiness and love in other women's eyes, it is powerful. Ann brings women upfront emotionally through her interviews, speeches and now her book. Thank you, Ann!
    Ellen Latham — Founder, Orange Theory Fitness
  • Behind Ann's confident engaging exterior is a woman who knows the pain and shame so many of us live with from past relationships and misguided choices. She has overcome deeply challenging obstacles and done so with grace. Ann has created a bridge between those who are able to share their pain and those who need to know they are not alone. She opens to door for other women to find sisterhood in their experiences so they can move forward in joy and strength.  
    Beth Allen — Founder, HIP Chicks
  • What Ann is doing is wonderful! Bringing my pain, shame, and fear into the light has been healing. Our mistakes are not only part of who we are, they are part of the powerful, purposeful lives we are growing into. I have yet to meet an individual who didn't have a story of brokenness or struggle. Ladies...tell, tell, tell and be renewed by owning ALL that you are!  Ann, again thank you for all you do!  
    Karen McMahon — President, Journey Beyond Divorce
  • Ann was so welcoming and reassuring, putting me at ease as I shared my traumatic experience. And I wouldn't have done it any other way, with anyone else as I realized in the telling that I was helping others. Sharing my story meant that I no longer had to live in shame or guilt or pain. This was so much an important part of my journey back to myself.
    Sheree Matthews